Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned, medium-sized company. The company’s history started in 1999 when Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH was founded by Mr Gerd Maass. As a streamlined and efficient company, we are also able to produce economically in Germany. The company has short hierarchies, which ensures flexibility and quick response times.

Company overview

Our three pillars of business are metal processing (stainless steel, steel and aluminium), electrical engineering and silo plant construction.

Our company premises span a total area of approx. 21,500 m². The total area of the production and storage halls is approx. 7,400 m² without the covered open space of approx. 1,600 m².

We employ around 70 permanent staff. The annual turnover is approx. 20 million euros. 

Corporate and social responsibility

As a company, we are part of society and thus co-responsible for public and social issues, the preservation of natural resources and for compliance with ethical standards.

And we have particular responsibility towards our employees. We practise fairness, respect and mutual consideration in our daily cooperation, and our sustainable way of doing business and long-term thinking secure the workplaces of our employees. Our employees know that we are committed to Achberg as a location, they are familiar with our reliability and that they can plan with us for the long term.

Strategic partnerships

We only focus on long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. We are not interested in “quick” deals. Since its founding, our company has been wholly owned by our managing partner Gerd Maass. As we have no financial ties affecting our decision making process and because we are completely independent, our partners can depend on the veracity of the agreements we enter into.

Environment and climate

Helping to protect the environment should be a matter of course for everyone. This issue is very important to us and we make every effort to this end.

Our office and production areas are heated with geothermal energy and the waste heat from our machines. We cover approx. 50% of the electricity we use with our photovoltaic system. This is also why we use electric forklifts. Any additional energy that we require is obtained from energy suppliers who contractually commit to the supply of eco-power.

The use of paper in offices and common rooms was significantly reduced through simple measures. We also provide inexpensive bicycles (with and without electric drive) for our employees to take them to and from work.

Environmental protection is a matter of conscience, not money.

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