We specialise in the manufacture of switch cabinets and assemblies that are used for controlling and monitoring systems for filling, storing, emptying and filling bulk materials.

When you order a system from us, you can rest assured that we will plan, program, manufacture, test and—on request—install the appropriate control system “made by ACHBERG” on your premises. We know what matters when it comes to operating and controlling your plant without any problems.


When planning a system control, we don’t always start from the ground up. We use standardised program modules or controls that communicate with each other via BUS technology. This offers enormous savings in the installation of cables and cable runs. The information from the individual controls is recorded centrally and displayed clearly to facilitate easy operation.

Our PLC controls come with a PROFINET interface. This enables the provision of information for your higher-level or additional control system.


In order to be able to process your service enquiries quickly, we require remote access to our control system via a VPN connection. In many cases, this facilitates quick and inexpensive system analysis or a software update. We recommend concluding a service contract so that the required service capacity is available in good time.


Only switch cabinet components from established manufacturers are installed, which ensures worldwide availability, top quality and long-term availability of spare parts. Many of our customers have trusted the high quality “made by ACHBERG” for many years. Compliance with European standards and guidelines as well as customer-specific factory regulations are a matter of course for us.

All switch cabinets and controls are checked according to the valid VDE regulations before they leave our facilities.