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Welcome to ACHBERG ... innovative developer and manufacturer of high-quality products for bulk material handling in the plastics industry. We proudly look back on the successful growth of our company and will continue to expand our position in the global market together with our partners.

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Our position in the plastics industry

We mainly specialise in the plastics industry, but our pipe systems (ACHBERG pipe systems) and contract production parts (ACHBERG production) are also used successfully in other industries. The plastics industry is where we got started. We can draw from 20 years of experience in injection moulding, film and profile extrusion, blow moulding, compounding and recycling.

Above all, we see ourselves as a reliable partner for mechanical and plant engineering companies around the world. To be an ACHBERG partner means to benefit from innovative products and dedicated services. We develop and improve products that can give you a competitive edge for the long term.

Plastics processor

Our products are used wherever plastics are injected, extruded, blow-moulded, compounded or recycled. We offer an extensive range of products for the handling of your raw materials, taking into account the individual bulk solid characteristics – whether you are processing granules, regrind, gravel or powder. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about wear protection in pipelines , moisture absorption through condensate formation or discharge problems when storing bulk materials that are not free-flowing.

Plant engineering

We have been a reliable partner in the field of high-quality components and systems for leading manufacturers of central material feeding systems for many years. We supplement your product range and offer individual interfaces for successful and seamless integration into the overall plant. In our automated contract manufacturing division we manufacture sheet metal and pipe constructions (housings for vacuum hopper loaders, dosing containers, filter housings, dryer containers, manifolds ...) in top quality at a competitive price.

Machine manufacturer

Machine manufacturers not only produce machinery, they also offer systems for the entire process chain of plastics processing. Our products are used right at the top of the process chain: We offer solutions for discharging and conveying plastics from bagged goods, big bags, silo vehicles and sea bulk containers. Our flexible silos are commonly used for the storage of raw materials (ACHBERG flexible silos). They can accommodate up to 50 tonnes of plastic granules, if needed, and are built for use worldwide.


You will find products from overproduction, returns, discontinued models, trade fair and exhibition samples in our outlet store. Sometimes with small blemishes, but always in the usual Achberg quality.

Trade fairs

Fakuma in Friedrichshafen

15. – 19.10.2024

Fakuma is the world's largest trade event for industrial plastics processing.

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