The use of silo filters is imperative when storing powdery bulk materials. Our silo filters have been specially designed for pneumatic filling by silo vehicles. The filter elements are cleaned with blasts of compressed air so that the full filter surface is available at all times.

For sensitive applications, such as the manufacture of plastic products in medical technology or the food industry, the silo filter is placed on a lower part next to the silo. A vent pipe guides the conveying air to the silo filter while the silo vehicle is being filled. The primary purpose, however, is to prevent contamination of the bulk material. Dedusting the conveying air is secondary.

Filter technology

Silo filter
  • Silo filter with control unit, magnetic valves, compressed air tank, blow off pipes and weather protection hood
  • Filter dedusting with compressed air; triggered via an external contact or via the built-in pressure switch
  • Filter cartridges made of polyester fleece, antistatic; oleophobic and hydrophobic design
  • Housing made of stainless steel, weather protection cover made of PE (grey), filter plate made of powder-coated steel (RAL1015)
  • Incl. fastening material
  Filter area
SF.AJB.800.22.P.20 22 m² 230 V, 50 Hz
SF.AJB.800.31.P.20 31 m² 230 V, 50 Hz

Silo filter bottom part with dust bucket
  • For attachment of a silo filter and for connection of max. 2 vent pipes Ø150
  • Housing and feet made of stainless steel
  Suitable silo filter H
SF.AJB.Z.UT.800.22.CR SF.AJB.800.22.P.20 900
SF.AJB.Z.UT.800.31.CR SF.AJB.800.31.P.20 1300

Pressure relief valve
  • Spring-loaded pressure relief valve with weather hood
  • Housing made of stainless steel
  ATEX Pressure range
DAV.02.45.5.CR no +45 / -5 mbar
DAV.02.45.5.CR.ATEX yes +45 / -5 mbar

Vent pipe Ø 150
  • Bend made of stainless steel, on the silo roof
  • Straight aluminium pipe perpendicular to the silo
  • Pipe branch made of aluminium with connection for pressure relief valve
  • Hose connection to vent filter
  H max.