Our customers for pipe systems

Leading manufacturers of central material feeding systems use our pipe systems. In the plastics processing industry they are used on silos, granulate dryers, gravimetric and volumetric dosing units, coupling tables, (distribution stations, diverter tables) and on conveyor devices (material separators).


For the conveyance of heavily abrasive bulk materials (such as glass fibre reinforced plastic granules), we offer bends, branch pipes and pipe made of glass or hardened stainless steel. We also have suitable solutions for flexible hose pipes and coupling systems.


Product development

Our development work over the course of more than 20 years has yielded innovations such as our suction probes, suction tubes, user-friendly TWIST couplings, coded coupling tables and others. 

Quality and price

Our large-scale production on state-of-the-art machinery ensures consistency and the top-class quality of our products at a very competitive price point.

Custom parts

We can also manufacture bespoke pipe components on the basis of blanket orders and guarantee delivery immediately from the warehouse.

Warehousing and logistics

We are always happy to bear the costs for storage, picking, packing and neutral delivery. This is why an increasing number of manufacturers of material feeding systems commission us with project-related and direct deliveries to construction sites.

We produce all standard components in stock and can therefore realise short-term deliveries. The provision of goods and return of unneeded goods is possible.