Standardised containers for plastics processing

Our containers are used in the plastics industry wherever small amounts of plastic granules of 25–3000 kg or 60–4800 l are stored. They protect your granules from contamination and ensure the supply of material to your machine.

There are several series with extensive accessories to choose from. Depending on the selection and equipment, our customers may need roller-containers, bag emptying bins, material bunkers, day silos, material buffers, stackable containers or masterbatch containers.

The CR.A1 series roll containers are suitable for emptying standard 25 kg bags. They are mainly used in plastic injection molding shops for storing plastic granules.

The containers of the CR.C1 series are used in the production of plastics as day containers and are intended for the connection of an ACHBERG suction box with up to four suction points Ø 38 - Ø 76.1 mm

Depending on size and use, the containers of the CE.A1 series are also referred to as bag emptying bins, day silos or material bunkers. For product removal, we offer various suction boxes with suction nozzles, suitable for conveyor systems with pipe diameters of 38–76.1 mm.

Our CR.B2 and CR.B2 series roller-containers are mainly used in plastic injection moulding shops for storing plastic granules. With numerous accessories and combination options covers almost all common applications.

The containers of the CR.ZRS series were specially designed for use in pneumatic pressure conveying. The ground clearance of these containers is intended for the connection of a rotary valve including a pipe adapter with connection sizes DN150, DN200 or DN250.

Stackable containers of the CE.S1 series can be transported to the storage location by forklift after filling and stacked on top of each other to save space.


Our container series are the result of years of capturing and evaluating customer applications in the plastics industry. We have set up a modular system with which we can cover numerous customer applications with a standard solution. A wide range of accessories is also available for each container series to individually equip the container.


Having a standardised modular system was fundamental to transitioning from manual individual production to automated series production. An automated sheet metal store relinquishes the sheets to two laser cutting machines and automatically puts the sheets back into the store. A welding robot welds containers up to 5000 l reliably and quickly. CNC-controlled sheet metal forming machines bend, round, edge and curl safely. The investments made into the machinery was well worth it. The result is high quality and cost-effective series production at the same time.


We can also manufacture your individual container for your special application. Our container production started many years ago with the manufacture of custom products. We have an extensive library of drawings at our disposal, which we use as the basis for every new design.

Our container engineers are experienced and certified specialists who cannot be replaced by machines or automation. Our long-standing customers appreciate the craftsmanship of our staff.